California Water Security and Environmental Enhancement

The purpose of the CALFED Bay-Delta Authorization Act authorizes the Secretary of the Interior and the heads of the other Federal implementing agencies to carry out specific activities identified in the Act in furtherance of the CALFED Bay-Delta Program as set forth in the CALFED Bay-Delta Program Record

credit: Global Environmental Matters
of Decision dated August 28, 2000.

The primary objectives of the program are to expand water supplies to ensure efficient use through an array of projects and approaches, improve water quality from source to tap, improve the health of the Bay-Delta system through restoring and protecting habitats and native species, and improve the Bay-Delta levees to provide flood protection, ecosystem benefits, and protect water supplies.
Examples of Funded Projects

Fiscal Year 2017: As a participating agency in the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, the Bureau of Reclamation's Mid-Pacific and Lower Colorado regions worked in partnership to award Water Use Efficiency grants in FY 2014 to water agencies that had a defined relationship to the Bay-Delta.

Fiscal Year 2018: Information not available.

Fiscal Year 2019: Information not available.

Agency - Department of the Interior

The Department of the Interior protects and provides access to the Nation's natural and cultural heritage, including responsibilities to Indian tribes and island communities. Departmental goals include resource protection and usage, overseeing recreational opportunities, serving communities and excellence in management.

Office - See Regional Agency Offices.

U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region, 801 I St,.

Suite 140 Sacramento, California 95825; phone: 916-414-2400; fax: 916-414-2439.
Website Address

Relevant Nonprofit Program Categories

Selected Recipients for this Program

RecipientAmount Start DateEnd Date
Food & Agriculture, California Department Of $ 435,600   2017-09-202022-09-30
Inland Empire Utilities Agency A Municipal Water District (inc) $ 0   2014-10-012021-12-31
Tulare Irrigation Company, The $ 0   2012-09-242020-12-31
Sacramento-san Joaquin Delta Conservancy $ 813,657   2015-03-012019-12-31
Central California Irrigation District $ 552,720   2015-09-232019-12-31
Garden Hwy Mutual Water C $ 53,622   2019-05-152019-09-30
Natomas Central Mutual Water Co $ 355,000   2015-09-022019-09-30
Natomas Central Mutual Water Co $ 0   2015-08-202019-09-30
Sacramento, City Of $ 746,000   2015-09-232018-09-30
Eastern Municipal Water District $ 0   2015-10-012018-09-30

Program Accomplishments

Fiscal Year 2017: In Fiscal Year 2017 funding was provided to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy to educate Delta public outreach program participants on water supply reliability, water quality, Delta ecological restoration efforts and how to protect local water resources. Fiscal Year 2018: Information not available. Fiscal Year 2019: Information not available.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Funding is for grants and cooperative agreements with agencies of the State of California for Program-wide management, oversight and coordination activities as defined in section 103(f)(4) of Public Law 108-361.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

Agencies of the state of California.

Beneficiary Eligibility

State agencies within the CALFED solution area as defined in the CALFED Bay-Delta Program Record of Decision.


No Credentials or documentation are required. This program is excluded from coverage under 2 CFR 200, Subpart E - Cost Principles.

Aplication and Award Process

Preapplication Coordination

Environmental compliance maybe required depending on the scope of the specific project funded.

This may result in the need for an environmental impact assessment or environmental impact statement prior to commencement of project activities.

An environmental impact statement is required for this program.

An environmental impact assessment is required for this program.

This program is excluded from coverage under E.O.


Application Procedures

2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards applies to this program. Applicant must submit all applicable SF-424 forms; and a statement of work separating the work into major tasks, level of cooperation with parties involved, and how the subject proposal will provide the outcome sought.

Award Procedures

Applications will be initially screened for eligibility and compliance with the requirements stated in the program funding announcement. Applications passing this screening process will be forwarded for review by a proposal evaluation panel comprised of qualified Federal or non-Federal experts in the program area. Applications will be reviewed against the proposal evaluation criteria, and any additional review factors, as stated in the funding announcement. Final selection will be determined by the Commissioner, Bureau of Reclamation, or regional officials, as applicable to the project. Maximum funding amount is dependent upon the annual appropriation from Congress.


Contact the headquarters or regional office, as appropriate, for application deadlines.


Water Supply, Reliability, and Environmental Improvement Act, Title I ? California Water Security and Environmental Enhancement, Public Law 108-361.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time

Varies depending on the type and complexity of the project or activity.


Not Applicable.


Continuation of funding from one fiscal year to the next is at the discretion of Congress.

Assistance Considerations

Formula and Matching Requirements

Statutory formulas are not applicable to this program. Matching Requirements: The Federal share of the costs of a project or activity carried out under this Program may vary dependent upon activity and authority. Costs of operation, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation of facilities shall be a non-federal responsibility. MOE requirements are not applicable to this program.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance

Generally for 36 months or less; multi-year projects may be considered if justified and annual accomplishments can be demonstrated. See the following for information on how assistance is awarded/released: Payment terms vary by agreement awarded under this program.

Post Assistance Requirements


Unless otherwise stated in the agreement document, recipients shall submit the following reports on an annual basis: (1) SF-425, Federal Financial Report; and (2) Program Performance Reports.

Upon completion of the agreement, recipients shall submit a final: (1) SF-425, Federal Financial Report; and (2) Program Performance Report; and (3) other specific reports that may be applicable to the agreement such as property inventories, and patent and invention disclosures.

Cash reports are not applicable.

Progress reports are not applicable.

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement document, recipients shall submit on an annual basis quarterly basis the Federal Financial Report SF-425 and upon completion of the agreement, recipients shall submit a final SF 425.

Performance monitoring is not applicable.


In accordance with the provisions of 2 CFR 200, Subpart F - Audit Requirements, non-Federal entities that expend financial assistance of $750,000 or more in Federal awards will have a single or a program-specific audit conducted for that year. Non-Federal entities that expend less than $750,000 a year in Federal awards are exempt from Federal audit requirements for that year, except as noted in 2 CFR 200.503.


All recipients of Federal awards shall maintain project records in accordance with 2 CFR 200.333 Retention requirements for records. Financial records, supporting documents, statistical records, and all other non-Federal entity records pertinent to a Federal award must be retained for a period of three years from the date of submission of the final expenditure report or, for Federal awards that are renewed quarterly or annually, from the date of the submission of the quarterly or annual financial report, respectively, as reported to the Federal awarding agency or pass-through entity in the case of a subrecipient. Federal awarding agencies and pass-through entities must not impose any other record retention requirements upon non-Federal entities, except as noted in 2 CFR 200.333.

Financial Information

Account Identification



(Cooperative Agreements) FY 17 $521,436; FY 18 est $0; and FY 19 est $589,975

Range and Average of Financial Assistance

Range: $438,640 to $750,000 Average: $3,753,144.

Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature

2 CFR 200 UNIFORM ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS, COST PRINCIPLES, AND AUDIT REQUIREMENTS FOR FEDERAL AWARDS and the applicable OMB Circulars. These documents may also be obtained by contacting the Bureau of Reclamation Office listed below.

Information Contacts

Regional or Local Office

See Regional Agency Offices. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Mid-Pacific Region, 801 I St,. Suite 140 Sacramento, California 95825; phone: 916-414-2400; fax: 916-414-2439.

Headquarters Office

NA NA, NA, District of Columbia NA Phone: NA

Criteria for Selecting Proposals

Specific evaluation criteria will be included in application packages and any funding announcements posted on

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