Foreign Assistance to American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)

The purpose of the American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program is to furnish assistance to schools and libraries outside the United States founded or sponsored by United States citizens and serving as study and demonstration centers for ideas and practices of the United States, and to hospital

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centers for medical education and research outside the United States, founded or sponsored by United States citizens.

Within this context of the U.S.

Foreign Assistance Program, the objectives of the ASHA program are to strengthen overseas schools and hospitals that best demonstrate American ideas and practices, and are likely to survive over a long term.

Agency - Agency for International Development

The Agency for International Development is an independent Federal government agency that provides economic and humanitarian assistance in more than 100 countries to ensure a better future for us all.

Relevant Nonprofit Program Categories

Selected Recipients for this Program

RecipientAmount Start DateEnd Date
Ashesi University Foundation $ 995,000   2021-10-012023-09-30
Help Me See Inc. $ 295,872   2021-10-012023-09-30
Lifenet International $ 497,401   2021-10-012023-09-30
Lau Health Foundation, Inc. $ 750,000   2021-10-012023-09-30
International College $ 650,000   2021-10-012023-09-30
Lebanese American University $ 750,000   2021-10-012023-09-30
Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation, Inc., The $ 813,135   2021-10-012023-09-30
American Committee For Shaare Zedek Hospital In Jerusalem, Inc. $ 1,000,000   2021-10-012023-09-30
Food For The Poor, Inc. $ 456,965   2021-10-012023-09-30
Us Foundation Of The University Of The Valley Of Guatemala, The $ 900,000   2021-10-012023-09-30

Program Accomplishments

Not Applicable.

Uses and Use Restrictions

Funds are authorized through grant agreements with private and non-profit U. S. organizations to carry out activities in line with the Agency's objectives.

Funds are limited for direct support of activities conducted outside the United States in furtherance of the Agency's strategic objectives.

ASHA grants are awarded through a competitive process.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

Pursuant to Section 214 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, grant assistance is made available to schools and libraries outside the United States founded or sponsored by United States citizens and serving as study and demonstration centers for ideas and practices of the United States, and to hospital centers for medical education and research outside the United States, founded or sponsored by United States citizens.

Grants made under this program help such institutions demonstrate to people overseas the achievements of the United States in education and medicine. The applicant must be a non-profit U.S.

organization, which either founded or sponsors the institution for which assistance is sought.

The applicant, for example, can be a nonprofit university or a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as amended. The applicant must demonstrate a continuing supportive relationship with the overseas institution.

Evidence of this would be the provision of financial and management support for the institution. Other more detailed eligibility requirements are addressed in the published Request for Applications which appear on the USAID/ASHA web site and

Beneficiary Eligibility

Beneficiaries must be institutions located outside the U.S. and must not be under the control or management of a government or any other of its agencies. The majority of the users of these overseas institutions, e.g., students or patients, must be citizens of countries other than the U.S.


The overseas institutions must demonstrate competence in professional skills and exhibit sound management and financial practices. An applicant must present a strategy that demonstrates the ability to achieve professional competence, commitment to promote U.S. ideas and practices, and to operate in accordance with sound management and financial practices. Institutions must be open to all persons regardless of race, religion, sex, color, or national origin. All overseas institutions are expected to reflect favorably upon, and to increase the understanding as well as to enhance the image of the United States. An applicant requesting assistance must provide an estimate of the total cost (including cost share and U.S. contribution) for which assistance is requested. Such applicants must also provide information and assurances with respect to right to occupy the premises and/or the land upon which new construction is planned. 2 CFR 200, Subpart E - Cost Principles applies to this program.

Aplication and Award Process

Preapplication Coordination

Per the United States Agency for International Development Environmental Compliance Procedures, 22 CFR 216.

Environmental impact information is not required for this program.

This program is excluded from coverage under E.O.


Application Procedures

2 CFR 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards applies to this program. Applications are submitted in response to specific announcements (Requests for Applications) synopsized and published on the web site. All applications must be submitted using the Standard Form 424. Each announcement provides specific instructions regarding the contents of the description of the activity, budget documentation and other required information.

Award Procedures

Following selection for award, a successful applicant will receive an electronic copy of the notice of award signed by the Agreement Officer which serves as the authorizing document. USAID will issue the award to the contacts specified by the applicant in it application documents and /or the Authorized Individuals submitted by the application.


Contact the headquarters or regional office, as appropriate, for application deadlines.


The Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, Section 214.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time

The range is from 7 to 9 months.


Not Applicable.


Extensions to the project period may be made if deemed appropriate by the Agreement Officer.

Assistance Considerations

Formula and Matching Requirements

Statutory formulas are not applicable to this program. This program has no matching requirements. Cost sharing is an important element of the USAID-recipient relationship. Although not required, applicants are encouraged to contribute resources from its own, private, or local sources for the implementation of this project. Contributions can be either cash or in kind (in accordance with OMB Circular A-110 and 22 CFR 226.23). MOE requirements are not applicable to this program.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance

Grants may be issued for up to a 5 year period. Method of awarding/releasing assistance: by letter of credit.

Post Assistance Requirements


Program reports are not applicable.

Cash reports are not applicable.

Grantees must submit quarterly progress reports and annual organizational reports.

Comprehensive final Project Reports are due no later than 90 days after the completion of projects.

Expenditure reports are required 30 days after the end of each progress reporting period.

Performance monitoring is not applicable.


In accordance with the provisions of 2 CFR 200, Subpart F - Audit Requirements, non-Federal entities that expend financial assistance of $750,000 or more in Federal awards will have a single or a program-specific audit conducted for that year. Non-Federal entities that expend less than $750,000 a year in Federal awards are exempt from Federal audit requirements for that year, except as noted in 2 CFR 200.503. Foreign non-profit organizations, host governments, and sub-recipients that expend $300,000 or more in USAID awards (i.e., organizations that receive USAID funds either directly or through a prime contractor or recipient) during their fiscal year, must have an annual audit conducted of those funds in accordance with the Guidelines for Financial Audits Contracted by Foreign Recipients as issued in USAID?s official Agency regulations ADS Chapter 591.


In accordance with 22 CFR Part 226.53, grantees are to maintain accounting records for a minimum of 3 years after the end of the date of submission of the final expenditure report. If any litigation, claim, negotiation, audit or other action involving the records has been started before the expiration of the 3-year period, the records shall be retained until completion of the action and resolution of all issues which arise from it, or until the end of the regular 3-year period, whichever is later.

Financial Information

Account Identification



(Project Grants) FY 16 Not Separately Identifiable; FY 17 Not Separately Identifiable; and FY 18 Not Separately Identifiable - FY 2008 $22,318,000; FY 2009 $22,500,000; FY 2010 $23,500,000.

Range and Average of Financial Assistance

Range from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in total USAID funding for a performance period up to a 5 year period starting in fiscal year 2012.

Regulations, Guidelines, and Literature

Grant administration policies are in 22 CFR 226, and may be found at Internal USAID policy directives, including standard formats, may be found in Automated Directive Systems (ADS) Chapter 303. The ADS is available on the USAID website at Other information regarding USAID's program may be found at

Information Contacts

Regional or Local Office


Headquarters Office

USAID/DCHA/ASHA 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20523 Phone: 2027120510

Criteria for Selecting Proposals

Detailed eligibility requirements are addressed in the published Request for Applications which appear on the USAID/ASHA web site.

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