Affordable Housing Partnership Program for the First Time Home Buyers in California
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3) Must satisfy the credit, loan, and income requirements that are set by CalHFA and the mortgage insurer

4) Must be willing and able to live in the AHPP-financed home until the end of the loan or until the house is refinanced or sold.

5) Must undergo a home buyer counseling program and must a have a certificate to verify it.

6) If the borrower is not a first time home buyer, he should be a veteran or a someone who is trying to acquire a home at a federally designated targeted area.

After which, if you are still interested in availing of the Affordable Housing Partnership Program, you will have to make sure that your chosen property will meet the following eligibility criteria:

1) The home should be located in the State of California.

2) The home should become your primary residence.

3) The actual price of the home should be well within the limits set by CalHFA.

4) The size of the property should not exceed 5 acres.

5) The home must be categorized as a single family residence.

6) Depending on the mortgage insurer, the home can also be a condominium or a unit in a planned unit development.

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Affordable Housing Partnership Program for the First Time Home Buyers in California
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