Department of Housing and Urban Development: Energy Innovation Funds for Multifamily Pilot Program
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c) implement applied research techniques to document and disseminate mainstream, scalable approaches helpful in the process retrofitting affordable multifamily properties

For this program, HUD will be granting two kinds of awards, first would be for Financing Demonstrations and the other one would be for Applied Research Demonstrations.

HUD has allocated an anticipated ceiling budget amounting to $25 million for this project. Interested applicants are required to submit their applications electronically to the website. Deadline of such applications will be on October 20, 2011.

Interested applicants will be deemed eligible to apply for this program when they are/belong to any of the following:

a) Treasury-certified community development financial institutions

b) National, regional, or local private or non-profit entities currently administering affordable housing development and rehabilitation programs

c) Special purpose financing entities such as housing trust funds whose primary intent is the preservation and rehabilitation of affordable rental housing services for low-income households

d) Nonprofit or for-profit organizations that own or control a significant portfolio of Eligible Multifamily Properties

The Department of Housing and Urban Development, the primary agency funding this program, is the government's principal agency responsible for increasing homeownership, supporting community development and increasing access to affordable housing opportunities.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: Energy Innovation Funds for Multifamily Pilot Program
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