First Time Homebuyer Programs in Georgia
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The funds that are provided under the CHIP can be used in several ways, such as to provide down payment assistance or homeowner rehabilitation funding to eligible low- and low-moderate income households in Georgia.

b) Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESGP) - This program mainly concentrates on providing outreach, shelter, rapid re-housing, homelessness prevention and related services to people experiencing homelessness, or for people whose welfare are in danger as a result of homelessness.

The ESGP is the agency's attempt at enabling homeless individuals and families to move toward independent living as well as to prevent future instances or possibilities of homelessness.

c) Georgia Dream Homeownership Program - This program is DCA's leading program that is designed to assist low and moderate income families in the complex process of procuring a home.

The program is divided into two subprograms: the First Mortgage Loan Financing, which provides low-interest rate mortgage loans (payable for up to 30 years) to eligible borrowers with moderate incomes and modest assets, and the Down Payment and Closing Cost Financing Program which provides the eligible borrowers of the First Mortgage Loan Financing Program with the opportunity to procure a second loan worth $7,500 to cover the property's downpayment and closing costs.

First Time Homebuyer Programs in Georgia
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