First Time Homebuyer Programs in Montana
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a) The Single Family Program - This program was created in the year 1977 and is designed to assist low and moderate income Montanans in purchasing homes in the State of Montana. Primarily, this program is intended to be utilized by first time home buyers, however, if the borrower intends to purchase homes in targeted areas, he/she does not need to be a first time buyer.

b) Reverse Annuity Mortgage Program - This program enables senior Montana homeowners to more substantially provide for their own in-home support. Lower income seniors 68 years or older have the ability to borrow the equity in their homes and benefit from the additional income.

c) Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program - This program is a federal block grant program administered by the BOH but is initially directed by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is designed to create affordable housing for low-income households.

The Montana Board of Housing does not only offer programs for first time homebuyers. It has also created programs that are intended for renters and existing homeowners who are looking to rehabilitate their homes.

First Time Homebuyer Programs in Montana
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