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Major Types of Grants - there are actually thousands of different types of government grants that you, as an American citizen, are entitled to. Better still, you can actually apply for more than one grant at a time and as long as you are qualified for them, can have multiple grants approved. Some of the major types of grants include Personal grants (which involve everyday necessities like housing grants and automotive grants), Business grants which give you capital to start your own enterpreneurship, or improve on an existing business, Research grants for scientists and engineers, and Scholarship grants for students. Grant money can range from 500$ to over 250,000$ based on the type of grants given. Seems too good to be true? It's not. Every year, over 30 BILLION dollars are allocated towards government grants, and millions of citizens all across the United States take advantage of this to improve their lives.

How do I apply for a grant? - There are thousands of government offices across the United States where you can apply for a government grant program. The best place to start looking is by searching on government accredited websites and going through their directories to locate grant offices in your area. These accredited sites also keep up to date lists of the kinds of grants available, and their corresponding basic qualifications for application. You may then visit the government office in your area for more detailed procedural information on how to apply for the grants. For the sake of following up, you can even place your contact information on the mailing lists of some of these sites and get regular email updates on newly available grants, as well as notifications regarding the status of your applications.

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Getting Started on your Government Grant
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Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program
The Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program intends to financially assist families as they repair or improve, purchase and improve, or refinance and improve their current residential properties that have been existent for more than a year.

Small Business Grants - Support for Veterans
The SBA is dedicated to lend a hand to the service people in America and directly links with the Patriot Express Loan for veterans who desire to initiate their own business and want to start commercial activities. The SBA also plays a role in encouraging growth and job creation during the process, which is an indispensable part to support economic prosperity.

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National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellowships in Poetry
The Literature Fellowship program will offer $25,000 grants in poetry to published creative writers that are capable of writing literary pieces, conduct research, travel, and work towards general career advancement activities.

Northern Rocky Mountain Science Centers offers funding to Rocky Mountain Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Program
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