Grants from the Federal Executive Branch of the Government


Do you know that the United States government has three major branches? Do you know exactly how those branches function? Do you know who heads those branches and how they can help the citizens of the United States?

As a tax-paying American, it is your right and privilege to become familiar with your government --- how it serves you and how it works towards making your everyday life better and more memorable.

The United States Government has three main branches: that is, the Executive branch, Judicial, and lastly, Legislative branch.

The Judicial Branch of the government primarily consist of the Supreme Court, which serves as the highest court in the country and is vested with the judicial powers of the government.

The Legislative Branch, on the other hand, comprises the bicameral Congress. The Legislative Branch is the government's law-making body. It is primarily in-charge of ensuring that laws are passed and are strictly implemented.

The Executive Branch of the government, the primary focus of the article, is the United States government's leading branch that is headed by the President. This branch of the government is basically responsible for enforcing the laws of the land.

The Executive Branch of the government is made up of the President, Vice President, Departments, and Independent Agencies.

In this article, you will learn about the different departments that comprise the Executive branch of the government and how these departments can serve you.

Without further a do, here is a list of the departments that make up the Executive branch of the government:

The United States Department of Agriculture is the government's leading agency that is greatly in-charge of the development and implementation of the policies on farming, agriculture and food.

The United States Department of Commerce, otherwise known as DOC, is the country's leading agency that is designed to foster, promote and develop foreign and domestic commerce, as well as economic development and technological advances.

The United States Department of Defense is the nation's primary agency that is tasked to oversee the military and overall national security.   (continued...)

Grants from the Federal Executive Branch of the Government
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