Jail Resource Management: Review and Revision Program
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The Jail Resource Management: Review and Revision Program intends to enhance the existing Jail Resource Management Program in an effort to maximize the resources of the nation's jail centers.

The grant awardees will be asked to work closely with the Federal Bureau of Prisons staff for a project duration of nine months. In order to considered worthy, an applicant must be able to manifest knowledge in the following areas:

a) The purpose, functions, and operational complexities of local jails

b) The budget-related concerns in jails

c) The analysis of jail resource needs

d) The development and presentation of a credible budget request to appropriate governing bodies

e) The resource limitations that are encountered by various local jails and governments.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is set to administer funding in the sum of $80,000 to support the implementation of the project.

The institutions and organizations that will be deemed eligible to participate in the Jail Resource Management: Review and Revision Program are the following:

a) State or general unit of local government

b) Private agencies

c) Educational institutions

d) Individuals or teams that can manifest expertise in the areas in focus.

All of the institutions and organizations mentioned above will be given the opportunity to submit an application under the program as long as they can demonstrate their ability to successfully carry out the activities included in the project.

Jail Resource Management: Review and Revision Program
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