Keystone Home Loan Program For First Time Homebuyers in Pennsylvania
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The Keystone Home Loan Program also offers a 25 percent discount on title insurance policy and in some cases, a zero-interest mortgage plan for qualified borrowers. Plus, borrowers can also take advantage of fewer fees since the guidelines of the program has ensured that a limitation or restriction of certain fees that are unnecessary or burdensome.

Interested borrowers will only be eligible to participate in the Keystone Home Loan Program if they satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

1) Must be a first time homebuyer

2) If not a first time homebuyer, must be planning to purchase a home in a targeted area

3) Must not have a collective annual income (derived from the all the annual income of the adults who plan to occupy the desired home) that will exceed the limits set by the Keystone Home Loan Program

4) Must have a good credit history and sufficient income to cover the mortgage

5) Must possess sufficient funds that could cover the mortgage and closing costs.

6) Must have sufficient funds that would cover the downpayment cost of the desired home.

In addition, borrowers will only be qualified to submit an application under the program if and only if they wish to acquire a property that is located within the State of Pennsylvania.

If you wish to know more about the Keystone Home Loan Program, you can visit the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency's official website.

Keystone Home Loan Program For First Time Homebuyers in Pennsylvania
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