Nursing Degree Applications Up, But Demand Still Exceeds Supply
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One option that is growing in popularity is the accelerated bachelor nursing degree. This program allows students with a bachelor’s degree in a different field to obtain a BSN in 12 to 18 months. This program has grown from 31 schools in 1990 to 168 today. The program is intense with 40 hours of class and lab time per week plus study time. There are usually no breaks between terms either. The cost is steep as well--$30,000 but many students are able to qualify for grants and loans.

At the other end of the spectrum are part-time students that are looking to change careers or need to work full-time. These students take one or two classes per semester and will take several years beyond the standard 4 to complete their degree.

The payoff? Starting salaries from $45,000 and up. There is of course more advancement to the levels of nurse practitioners and graduate degrees.

With demand continuing to outpace supply, all types of students that are interested in the field are encouraged to begin pursuing a nursing degree by viewing the resources at

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Nursing Degree Applications Up, But Demand Still Exceeds Supply
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