Small Business Administration's Portable Assistance Program
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The SBA is also looking to form partnerships and encourage collaborative efforts from community, regional, statewide, industry sectors.

In addition, the SBA plans to administer five awards to different applicants with each award amounting to $80,000; bringing the total funding budget to $400,937.

In order to be eligible to submit an application under the Portable Assistance Program, you will have to:

1) Be an accredited Small Business Disaster Center

2) Be funded as a Lead Center of the Small Business Administration

3) Have experienced any form of major disaster in the Land Center's area of service upon the date of submission of applications.

However, the SBA will refuse to accept applications that are coming from:

1) Any that is organization not a currently funded and not an accredited SBDC Lead Center

2) Any organization that is currently having an outstanding, unresolved financial issue with any federal agency

3) Any organization that is presently suspended or prohibited from receiving grants and other forms of financial assistance from the federal government.

4) Any organization with a grant or cooperative agreement that was involuntarily terminated or non-renewed by SBA

5) Any organization that has filed for bankruptcy within the past five years;

6) Any organization with at least one significantly non-compliant condition within SBA program guidelines while implementing or administering any SBA program, current or past.

Small Business Administration's Portable Assistance Program
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