United States Institutes for Student Leaders on US History & Government
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The program guidelines stipulated that the institutions be held in a US academic institution whose perception of the US history, government, institutions, society, and culture could be demonstrated through their unique and individual location, expertise, and academic mission.

Furthermore, the program also intends to hone the leadership skills of the participating students, therefore stipulating that the institutes present certain academic programs in the context of team building, leadership, collective problem solving, effective communication, and management.

More importantly, the program guidelines also necessitate that the participating students be given enough exposure to American students and individuals in classrooms, dormitories, local communities, home-stay experiences.

The ECA is set to administer funds in the amount of $1,440,000 through a cooperative agreement.

The institutions that will be eligible to submit a proposal under the United States Institutes for Student Leaders on US History & Government Program are accredited post-secondary US institutions such as community colleges, liberal arts colleges, public and private universities, consortia of organizations, and public or private non-profit organizations.

The United States Department of State, the primary agency funding the United States Institutes for Student Leaders on US History & Government Program, is the country's leading agency that is greatly responsible for creating a more secure, democratic, and prosperous world for people of the United States and in the countries all over the world.

United States Institutes for Student Leaders on US History & Government
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