DC School Choice Incentive Program CFDA 84.370A

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Purpose of Program:
The DC School Choice Incentive Program, established under the DC School Choice Incentive Act of 2003 (Act),

provides low-income parents residing in the District of Columbia (District) with expanded options for the education of their children.

For FY 2009, the Department will be awarding one grant on a competitive basis to an eligible applicant to continue a scholarship program to provide students who currently have scholarships under this program with scholarships for the 2009-2010 school year.

Students are eligible to receive scholarships under this program if they (1) are residents of the District, and (2) come from households whose income does not exceed 200 percent (or, in the case of an eligible student whose first year of participation in the program was an academic year ending in June 2005 or June 2006 and whose second or succeeding year is an academic year ending on or before June 2009, 300 percent) of the poverty line.

These scholarships may be used to pay tuition and fees and transportation expenses, if any, to enable students to attend a participating District nonpublic elementary or secondary school.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number:
8 4. 370A.

Applications for grants under this competition must be submitted in paper format by mail or hand delivery.


Submission of Applications by Mail.

If you submit your application by mail (through the U. S. Postal Service or a commercial carrier), you must mail the original and two copies of your application, on or before the application deadline date, to the Department at the following address:
U. S. Department of Education, Application Control Center, Attention:
(CFDA Number 8 4. 370A), LBJ Basement Level 1, 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20202-426 0. We request that you submit two additional copies of your application, in addition to the original and the required two copies (for a total of one original and four copies).

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DC School Choice Incentive Program

Department of Education

Agency: Department of Education

Office: None

Estimated Funding: $12,600,000

Who's Eligible

Relevant Nonprofit Program Categories

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
DC School Choice Incentive Program CFDA 84.370A; Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 2009

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible Applicants:
(a) An educational entity of the District of Columbia Government.
(b) A nonprofit organization.
(c) A consortium of nonprofit organizations.

Note: To receive an award under this program, an applicant must ensure that a majority of the members of its voting board or governing organization are residents of the District of Columbia.

Full Opportunity Web Address:

Julius Cotton ED Grants.gov FIND Systems Admin. Phone 202-245-6140 julius.cotton@ed.gov Program Manager: Michelle Armstrong U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue, SW., Room 4W217 Washington, DC 20202-5970 Telephone: (202) 205-1729 or by e-mail:

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e-Mail: Program Manager

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