Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund


The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) intends to award a cooperative agreement to the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program for the purpose of Gopher Tortoise Habitat Restoration

via mechanical understory removal, prescribed burns, and herbicide applications on a portion of Sandy Hollow WMA and interested private landowners.
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Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund

Department of the Interior

Agency: Fish and Wildlife Service


Estimated Funding: $30,000

Who's Eligible

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Additional Information of Eligibility:
: All eligible applicants must currently be an active, authorized participant or researcher in the National Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

Eligible applicants must be: 1) Stranding Agreement (SA) holders or their designee organizations recognized by the applicable NMFS Region; or 2) Holders of researcher authorization letters issued by a NMFS Regional Administrator and/or an MMPA and/or ESA scientific research or enhancement permit (when applicable) including Co-Investigator authorization; or 3) An eligible Federal, state, or local government personnel or tribal personnel (pursuant to Section 109(h) of the MMPA (16 U.S.C.

1379(h)); or 4) Diagnostic or service organizations performing services for the stranding network.

Federal agencies in the DOC or Department of the Interior (DOI) are not eligible to receive Federal assistance under this notice.


"In Good Standing Criteria".

All eligible applicants must meet the following "in good standing" criteria: a.

If the applicant is a designated Principal Investigator on a MMPA and/or ESA scientific research or enhancement permit or a Co-Investigator on the MMHSRP's MMPA/ESA scientific research and enhancement permit (permit No.

18786-01), the applicant must have fulfilled all permit requirements.

The applicant must not have any pending or outstanding enforcement actions under the MMPA or ESA.


The applicant must have complied with the terms and responsibilities of the appropriate SA, MMPA Section 109(h) authorization, or researcher authorization letter.

This includes, but is not limited to: 1) completion of all reporting requirements; 2) cooperation with state, local, and federal officials; 3) cooperation with state and local officials in the disposition of stranded marine mammals; and 4) cooperation with stranding network participants.


The applicant must have cooperated in a timely manner with NMFS in collecting and submitting Level B and Level C data and samples, when requested.


The applicant must not have any current enforcement investigations for the take of marine mammals contrary to MMPA or ESA regulations.


The applicant must not have any pending NMFS notice of violation(s) regarding the policies governing the goals and operations of the Stranding Network and SA, if applicable (e.g., probation, suspension, or termination).


Category Specific Criteria.

Organizations and individuals must meet all of the following eligibility criteria specific to their category of participation in order for a proposal to be considered for funding: a.

SA Holder Participant or SA Designee Participant - SA participants must hold a current, active SA for stranding response and/or rehabilitation from a NMFS Regional Administrator or the Assistant Administrator.

SA Designee participants must be holding a current, active letter of designation from a NMFS SA holder authorized by NMFS.

Designees cannot request authorization for activities beyond the scope of what is authorized by the SA to the agreement holder.


Researcher Participant - Researcher participants must hold a current, active authorizing letter for the proposed award period from the appropriate NMFS Regional Administrator or the Assistant Administrator to salvage stranded marine mammal specimens, parts and samples for the purpose of utilization in scientific research (50 CFR 216.22).

Researchers who are authorized under a MMPA/ESA scientific research or enhancement permit must still obtain an authorizing letter from the Regional Stranding Coordinator in order to use parts or specimens from stranded animals.

Researcher participants that would not require an authorizing letter from the NMFS Regional Administrator (i.e., they will be working with data only and not possessing samples or specimens) must still provide a letter of eligibility from the Regional Stranding Coordinator (see section III.A.3.

of this FFO).

Researcher participants must also have designat

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