Housing Choice Voucher Family Self-Sufficiency

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2008 (Pub.


110-161, approved December 26, 2007) allows funding for program coordinators under the HCV FSS program under section 23 of the United States Housing Act of 193 7. Through annual NOFAs, HUD has provided funding to public housing agencies


(PHAs) that are operating HCV FSS programs to enable those PHAs to employ program coordinators to support their HCV FSS programs.

In the Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 HCV FSS Program Coordinator NOFA, HUD is again making funding available to PHAs to employ HCV FSS program coordinators and HCV FSS homeownership program coordinators for one year.

Funding priority under this NOFA will be provided to applicants with Public Housing Information Center (PIC) data confirming that their FSS families have purchased homes and to applicants whose PIC data demonstrate program accomplishments, such as increased HCV FSS program size, increased earned income of program participants, and families successfully completing their FSS contracts.

HUD will accept applications from both new and renewal PHAs that have HUD approval to administer an HCV FSS program.

PHAs funded under the HCV FSS NOFA in FY 2005, FY 2006, or FY 2007 are considered “renewal” PHAs in this NOFA.

These renewal PHAs are invited to apply for funds to continue previously funded HCV FSS program coordinator and HCV FSS homeownership coordinator positions that they have filled.
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Who's Eligible

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PHAs eligible to apply for funding under this NOFA are: 1.

Renewal PHA Applicants.

Those PHAs that received funding under the HCV FSS NOFA in FY 2005, FY 2006 or FY 2007.

To continue to qualify as renewal PHAs, the FY 2008 application of joint applicants must include at least one PHA applicant that meets this standard.

Joint applicants can change the lead PHA in their FY 2008 application.

A PHA that was originally funded as part of a joint application that wishes to now apply separately would continue to be considered a renewal PHA applicant for funding purposes, but must be able to meet the FSS minimum program size requirement of a HUD-approved HCV FSS program of at least 25 slots that applies to new applicant PHAs.


New PHA Applicants.

PHAs that were not funded under the HCV FSS NOFA in FY 2005, FY 2006 or FY 2007.

The new applicant PHA must be authorized through its HUD-approved FSS Action Plan to administer an HCV FSS program of at least 25 slots, or be a PHA with HUD approval to administer an HCV FSS program of fewer than 25 slots that applies jointly with one or more other PHAs so that together they have HUD approval to administer at least 25 HCV FSS slots.

Joint applicants must specify a lead co-applicant that will receive and administer the FSS program coordinator funding.



New and renewal PHAs that are under MTW agreements with HUD may qualify for funding under this NOFA if the PHA administers an FSS program.

When determining the size of a new applicant MTW PHA’s HUD-approved FSS program, the PHA may request that the number of FSS slots reflected in the PHA’s MTW agreement be used instead of the number in the PHA’s FSS Action Plan.


Troubled PHAs a.

A PHA that has been designated by HUD as a troubled PHA under the Section Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP), or that has serious program management findings from Inspector General audits or serious outstanding HUD management review or Independent Public Accountant (IPA) audit findings for the PHA’s HCV or Moderate Rehabilitation programs that are resolved prior to this NOFA’s application deadline is eligible to apply under this NOFA.

Serious program management findings are those that would cast doubt on the capacity of the PHA to administer its HCV FSS program in accordance with applicable HUD regulatory and statutory requirements.


A PHA whose SEMAP troubled designation has not been removed by HUD or whose major program management findings or othe

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Kathryn Greenspan202.402.4055

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