Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency Service Coordinators Program

The purpose of the Public and Indian Housing Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Service Coordinators program is to provide grants to public housing agencies (PHAs), tribes/tribally designated housing entities (TDHEs), Resident Associations (RAs), and nonprofit organizations (including grassroots,


faith-based and other community-based organizations) for the provision of a Service Coordinator to coordinate supportive services and other activities designed to help Public and Indian housing residents attain economic and housing self-sufficiency.

This program works to promote the development of local strategies to coordinate the use of assistance under the Public Housing program with public and private resources, for supportive services and resident empowerment activities.

These services should enable participating families to increase earned income, reduce or eliminate the need for welfare assistance, make progress toward achieving economic independence and housing self-sufficiency or, in the case of elderly or disabled residents, help improve living conditions and enable residents to age-in-place.

A Service Coordinator ensures that program participants are linked to the supportive services they need to achieve self-sufficiency or remain independent.

Funds in this program are not allowed to be used for the direct provision of these services.

This program is similar to the Public Housing Family Self Sufficiency program (PH FSS), however, the PH FSS program is open only to PHAs and tribes/TDHEs, has a requirement of an escrow account for its participants and provides one-year funding.

The ROSS SC program is open to non-profit and Resident Association applicants, provides three-year funding, includes administrative expenses and training as eligible uses of the funds and requires a 25% match by statute.

A PHA or tribe may receive grants in both programs.

This program is ONLY to provide SERVICE COORDINATION and is ONLY to serve residents of CONVENTIONAL PUBLIC HOUSING.

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Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services - Service Coordinators

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agency: Department of Housing and Urban Development


Estimated Funding: $34,930,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:
Application Package and Instructions Download using CFDA Number ONLY.

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible applicants are PHAs; tribes/TDHEs; nonprofit organizations including grassroots faith-based and other community-based organizations that have resident support, PHA support or the support of tribes; Resident Associations (RAs); resident councils (RCs); resident organizations (ROs); City-Wide Resident Organizations (CWROs); Intermediary Resident Organizations (IROs); Jurisdiction-Wide Resident Organizations; Regional Resident Organizations; Resident Management Corporations (RMCs); Site-Based Resident Organizations; Statewide Resident Organizations (SROs); and Tribal/TDHE resident groups.

The term �Resident Association� or �RA� will be generally used to refer to all types of eligible resident organizations.

Please see the section on �Definition of Terms� for a complete definition of each type of eligible resident organization.


If you are in need of rental assistance, please contact your local Public Housing Authority.

If you are in need of homeownership assistance or foreclosure prevention, please talk to a HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency in your area.

You can find one by going to and clicking on "I want a home" or "I want to...avoid foreclosure."

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