A Cooperative Agreement for Education and Training for Climate, Water, and Weather (ET-CWW)

The primary goal of ET-CWW is to enhance the performance of operational hydrometeorologists in the public and private sectors.

Improving human performance for enhanced decision support services is done through collaborative training and education.

ET-CWW is accomplished by involving operational


hydrometeorologists, scientists and academic staff with expertise across a wide range of environmental, educational and social sciences.

These activities engage operational hydrometeorologists, researchers, instructors and students in applied training and simulation exercises that are pivotal to the operational climate, water and weather community.

By meeting the goal of ET-CWW, forecasts and warnings of environmental hazards will be improved.

This ET-CWW program is designed to complement other contributions to these worldwide education and international training efforts.

ET-CWW addresses NOAA's long-term goal for a "Weather Ready Nation", as stated in NOAA's Next Generation Strategic Plan (http://www.ppi.noaa.gov/ngsp.html) in which society is prepared for and responds to weather-related events.

A weather-ready nation is a society that is able to prepare for and respond to environmental events that affect safety, health, the environment, economy, and homeland security.

NOAA's capacity to provide relevant information can help create a society that is more adaptive to its environment; experiences fewer disruptions, dislocations, and injuries; and that operates a more efficient economy.

These training and education support services are critical to environmental forecast and warning operations.

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Meteorologic and Hydrologic Modernization Development

Department of Commerce

Agency: Department of Commerce


Estimated Funding: $6,000,000

Who's Eligible

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Eligible applicants must be academic institutions of higher learning which offer doctoral degrees in atmospheric sciences, or consortia of academic institutions of higher learning which offer doctoral degrees in atmospheric sciences.

This restriction is needed because the results of the collaboration are to be incorporated into training and educational processes which ensure academic multidisciplinary peer review.

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