Regional Ocean Acidification Observing Optimization Study (OOS-OA19)

The NOAA/OAR/Ocean Acidification Program (OAP) is soliciting proposals for studies investigating ocean acidification monitoring strategies that would offer an observing system design that best characterizes and tracks ocean acidification within U. S. Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) optimized towards characterizing


the conditions most relevant to ecologically and economically important marine species.

Funding is contingent upon the availability of Federal appropriations.

It is anticipated that projects funded under this announcement will have a September 1, 2019 start date.

Total funding for this research:
Applicants should submit proposals not to exceed $500,000 per year for projects generally 2-3 years in duration, with a total multi-year budget not to exceed $1,500,000 (Option 1:
$350,000 per year for two years; Option 2:
Up to $500,000 per year for three years).

Should funds become available for this program, up to approximately $2,000,000 may be available in Fiscal Year 2019 for the first year of about 2-5 projects with expected start dates of September 1, 201 9. Funding for this program is contingent upon availability of funds, which may not have been appropriated at the time of this announcement.

While projects are expected to be 2-3 years in scope, funding may be spread over 4 federal fiscal years depending on how project timelines align with federal budgets.

For proposals which involve a Regional Association of the Integrated Ocean Observing System, NOAA IOOS will contribute additional funding to cover RA costs to participate (up to 10% of the total project budget per year, over and above the OAP funding thresholds described above).

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Ocean Acidification Program (OAP)

Department of Commerce

Agency: Department of Commerce

Office: Department of Commerce

Estimated Funding: $2,000,000

Who's Eligible

Obtain Full Opportunity Text:

Additional Information of Eligibility:
Eligible applicants for Federal financial assistance in this competition are institutions of higher education, other non-profits, state, local, Indian Tribal Governments, for-profit organizations, U. S. Territories and Federal agencies that possess the statutory authority to receive transfers of funds.

DOC/NOAA supports cultural and gender diversity and encourages applications involving women and minority individuals and groups.

In addition, DOC/NOAA is strongly committed to broadening the participation of historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities, and institutions that work in underserved areas.

DOC/NOAA encourages applications involving any of the above institutions to apply.

Please note that:(1) PIs should be employees of an eligible entity listed above; and applications should be submitted through that entity.

Non-Federal researchers should comply with their institutional requirements for application submission.(2) Non-NOAA Federal applicants will be required to submit certifications or documentation showing that they have specific legal authority to accept funds for this type of research.(3) Foreign researchers must apply as subawards or contracts through an eligible US entity.(4) Non-Federal researchers affiliated with NOAA-University Cooperative/Joint Institutes will be funded through cooperative agreements.

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