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NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARDThis announcement is not a request for applications.This announcement is to provide public notice of the National Park Service’s intention to award a task agreement under a previously competed or single source justified master

cooperative agreement.

ABSTRACTFunding Announcement Number NPS-DOIP18AC00186Project Title SCA AcademyRecipient Student Conservation AssociationAnticipated Federal Funding $46,32 0. 79Non-federal Cost Share $15,44 0. 26Anticipated Period of Performance 2/14/2018 – 3/24/2018Award Instrument Task AgreementStatutory Authority 54 U. S. Code 101702(a)TRANSFER OF SERVICE APPROPRIATED FUNDSCFDA # and Title 1 5. 931 ARTICLE I – BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVESCooperative Agreement Number P15AC00031 was entered into by and between the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, (NPS), and the Student Conservation Association (SCA) for the purpose of placement of college-aged individuals and other qualified persons who volunteer their services through SCA in exchange for training and educational experience in resource management and conservation programs.

Unless otherwise specified herein, the terms and conditions as stated in the Cooperative Agreement will apply to this Task Agreement.(1) This agreement directly supports the Department of the Interior Secretary’s Priorities as noted below:(2) (3) 1. Creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt.

1. e.

Foster relationships with conservation organizations advocating for balanced stewardship and use of public lands; Other Key Initiatives 3. Creating jobs in the American economy 4. Access to outdoor recreation opportunitiesThe objectives of this Task Agreement are to educate and stimulate interest in training opportunities for young adults through collaborative participation in the NPS SCA Academy.

The Academy provides college students from diverse backgrounds with an introduction to the National Park Service and the various employment opportunities within the service.

The program will begin to build a pathway designed to lead students to a career with the NPS and/or will assist in creating the next generation of conservation stewards.The NPS Academy consists of a week-long orientation that prepares Alaska Youth for placement in FY 18 summer internships.

This task agreement supports approximately 14 individuals (through SCA’s internship program) attending a 7-day NPS orientation in Anchorage, Alaska, March 11-17, 201 8. Students will then be assisted in securing summer intern placement positions in either the NPS Alaska Regional Office, or with Alaska Region parks.

This task agreement also covers the time required for logistical preparation necessary to prepare for conducting the Academy.

Separate task agreements will cover the internship placements based on a geographical split of Alaska (Southeast coastal parks and remainder of Alaska parks).

It is intended that the participants will be placed as summer interns at a participating NPS Alaska site.(4) In partnership with the SCA, the Alaska Region continues to support the Department of the Interior’s 21st Century Youth Conservation Corp Initiative (2016), which strives to energize youth involvement in public lands and educate them to be more informed citizens and stewards of those lands.

The Academy encourages young people to aspire to careers in the National Park Service while diversifying the overall workforce.

While including college students and veterans, ages 15-35, in the program, the Academy lays a foundation that provides an introduction to the training, career development and education of young people with a keen interest in the National Park Service.

ARTICLE III – STATEMENT OF WORK The project entails NPS Region and park management staff working cooperatively with the Student Conservation Association to plan, coordinate, execute and recruit for the student participants.

An SCA Program Lead will be the primary coordinator with NPS on all aspects of the program, including the administrative responsibilities, curriculum and mentoring development, recruitment, and securing of summer internships for the student participants in parks throughout the Service.Requirements:
Basic requirements for students participating in the NPS Academy include a demonstrated interest in environmental stewardship and/or a pursuit of a career in conservation.

Interest can be expressed through coursework, volunteerism, social activism, involvement in arts or sciences, or any other related experiences.

Students should possess strong leadership skills, demonstrated strength in their chosen educational field, and be active members in their own communities.

Students applying must be between the ages of 18-35, Alaska residents with priority placed on rural and Alaska Native students, and be interested in exploring a career with the National Park Service.Substantial Involvement:
Management as appointed by the Alaska Regional Office will be substantially involved in all aspects of the SCA Academy.

Regional management, as well as Park involvement, will provide oversight in the planning, coordination and execution of the week-long orientation, and in the development of the educational curriculum.

Regional and Park staff will assist in the orientation of students to the various career opportunities available within the National Park Service.

Regional and Park management will also oversee the development of a mentoring program that students will be introduced to during the summer placement, which will provide training to both mentors and mentees.

Students attending the academy will receive priority placement as SCA interns or crews within Alaska Region National Parks.

Additionally, the SCA program lead will be given valuable feedback from park management, in all aspects of the program, as it develops.

Benefit to Student:
Students that attend the SCA Academy will receive an orientation to the Alaska Region and parks, but also parks across the service.

The curriculum includes an introduction to the history of the National Park Service, experiential learning opportunities via a field trip to Kenai Fjords National Park, to explore and observe various career opportunities in the NPS.

Also included are sessions in leadership skills development, an introduction to mentoring, a community service component, and a variety of recreational opportunities.

The orientation week will focus on Alaska specific objectives of the NPS, including sessions on ANSCA, ANILCA and subsistence activities and prepare students for summer long internships within the Alaska Region parks.

The internships, covered by separate task agreements, will provide work experience, skills development, and an immersion experience working in NPS career fields.


SCA agrees to:
1. Coordinate with NPS on the recruitment and selection of up to 14 young adults to participate in the SCA academy orientation.

2. Coordinate with NPS to develop the orientation curriculum and oversee the Academy’s development and progress.

3. To provide for participant transportation to and from participating parks and the associated living allowance, subsistence and /or per diem throughout the course of the program.

4. Provide 24/7 staffed hotline assistance, site visit, and performance evaluations.

5. To provide housing to the participants, SCA, and guest speakers, during the orientation.


NPS agrees to:
1. Work cooperatively with SCA to plan, coordinate, and to support their recruitment for the student participants.

2. Host the week- long orientation in Anchorage, Alaska with Denali as the host park, and Kenia Fjords as the experiential learning park.

3. Develop the summer mentorship program and assist with the orientation curriculum.

4. Conduct presentations about NPS history, mission, and careers.

5. Provide an NPS technical representative and mentor to be on-site with the SCA students to assist with specifics of the project as needed.

6. To provide future internship opportunities for 14 interns.
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Section 1404 of NARETPA was amended by section 7101 of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (Pub.


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