NOTICE OF INTENT: Restoring Biotic Diversity in Lehmann Lovegrass Dominated Grasslands: Fertile Islands

A.Project Goals - Management techniques aimed to eradicate Lehmann lovegrass - Eragrostis lehmanniana have been unsuccessful but more holistic options may be effective for at least partially restoring biotic diversity to these invaded lands.

One such approach is to more intensively manage smaller

patches which are commonly referred to as fertile islands.

This research project tests the effectiveness of the fertile island approach in a nested, randomized, factorial design across two different locations - the Coronado National Memorial and the Chiricahua National Monument.

There are two Lehmann lovegrass treatments:
hand pulling and no action.

There are three seeding treatments:
broadcast seeding, pelletized seed, and no seeding.

There are three amendment treatments - Pine mulch, Lehmann thatch, and no amendment.

Plots will be monitored for establishment of both natives and lovegrass.

This research will help to establish which management techniques, if any, offer demonstrable increases in native plant species or decreases in lovegrass abundance in areas currently dominated by Lehmann lovegrass.


Project Objectives ¿ 1. Establish fertile island research plots on CORO and CHIR using a rigorous experimental design.

2. Monitor the research plots and develop data on effects of experimental treatments over two field seasons.

3. Publish the results in the public domain.
Agency: Department of the Interior

Office: National Park Service

Estimated Funding: $39,815

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