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We are interested in the role that government, small business and the nonprofit sector/philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

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Every day the federal government publishes grants available through 26 Federal agencies. Eligibility for these grants varies, some are available to states and municipalities others to nonprofit organizations and small businesses.

While some of the grants are available to individuals, those are usually for specific projects or interest to the granting organization. If you are looking for grants or support for yourself as an individual you should investigate opportunities available through

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Prosecuting Cold Cases using DNA solicitation provides funds to: 1) prosecute violent crime cold cases; and 2) decrease the number of violent crime cold cases awaiting prosecution. Through this...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

SCA seeks to fund a project that strengthens the influence, impact, and capacity of Sri Lankan think...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

Northwest Coast Arts has been identified by the Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI), the Congressionally-chartered Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS),...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

Best Practices for Project Design: Effectively Addressing Natural Resource Management...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

I. Funding Opportunity Description The U.S. Embassy Abuja Public Affairs Section (PAS) is pleased to issue this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to support Nigeria’s response against the...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

Visualization and Summary of Climate Impacts Research to Inform Resource Management Decision-Making (CASC Project...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

The Office of Community Services (OCS) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) announces the availability of a funding opportunity for a cooperative agreement for the Community...more
Posted On - 2020-04-17

With this solicitation, BJA seeks proposals to strengthen the medical examiner/coroner (ME/C) system in the United States. Through this program, BJA will support grants in two focus areas by:(1)...more
Posted On - 2020-04-16

Background:EWN is the intentional alignment of natural and engineering processes to efficiently and sustainably deliver economic, environmental and social benefits through collaborative processes. In...more
Posted On - 2020-04-16

Social Entrepreneurship

Chevy Cruze Diesel – A Biodiesel Innovation

GM was honored by the National Biodiesel Board with an Innovation Award for the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel.

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